Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Blue Tara Trilogy: Princess Tara Chronicles

New DUST-JACKETED HARDCOVER Blue Parrot Books edition of the Blue Tara Trilogy, the first three books of the Princess Tara Chronicles, complete under one cover, released today just in time for the Christmas shopping season for all the fantasy fiction fans on your holiday shopping list. 200,000 words. 666 pages. TWO AND A HALF pounds! Best part is, you can order copies through your local book store anywhere on the planet.

From an Amazon Customer:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Caffeine fueled fantasy ride. Blue Tara grabbed my interest immediately! I couldn't put it down, as it rushed me headlong into a supernatural world that is a mix of history and fast paced fantasy. The characters are so believable I felt that I knew them. What a fun read for a parrot owner!

Blue Tara Trilogy: Princess Tara Chronicles
ISBN-13: 9781087800097
ISBN-10: 1087800099

Author: Michael Ostrogorsky

Binding: 6 x 9 Hardcover With Dust Jacket

Publisher: Blue Parrot Books

Published: September 24, 2019

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