Monday, August 5, 2019

Parrots and Witches; Or, Love. Desire. Ambition. Faith. Without Them, Life Is So Simple, Believe Me

I closed my eyes. I could feel Jean’s breasts press into my chest. Loose strands of her long flowing brunette hair tickled my nose. Her breathes, initially short and rapid, slowed to a relaxed warm pulse against my cheek. Her clothes reeked of sweat infused with the stench of fired gunpowder. I could still hear the last echoes of machine gun fire fade across the darkened walls of the enclosure like the staccato clicking of a tap dancer’s shoes slowly drifting off a stage.

NEW SECOND EDITION of the caffeinated spine-tingling head-lopping conclusion to the Blue Tara Trilogy, Book Three of the Princess Tara Chronicles, now available in a dead tree edition from Blue Parrot Books. Bigger and Better than ever!

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