Saturday, June 16, 2018

Princess Tara Chronicles

People are starting to notice. Book One of the Princess Tara Chronicles, Part One of the Blue Tara Trilogy: Blue Tara; Or, How Is a Hyacinth Macaw Parrot Like a Tibetan Goddess? has reached Number 262 on Amazon's Kindle store in post-apocalyptic Science Fiction!

What do you do when you discover your parrot is a witch? A witch with a coffee addiction. And she needs your help to save your world from a god of war and his zombie army of the dead. Our heroes, a couple of history professors, find themselves entwined with a coven of witches comprised of a pandemonium of parrots and one black cat, in a battle to save civilization from a gang of self-absorbed narcissistic megalomaniacal monsters.

Dragons. Zombies. Cannibals. Pterodactyls. Coffee. Parrots and Witches. More coffee! The perfect summer read, whether you're heading to the beach, the boat, the cabin, or just out to your backyard deck.

Book One of the Princess Tara Chronicles, as well as Books Two and Three of the Blue Tara Trilogy, and Book Four of the Princess Tara Chronicles, Part One of the Kālarātri or Black Night Trilogy,  are available in eBook and dead tree editions from Amazon and Smashwords ebook.

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