Saturday, June 24, 2017

900 Year Old Parrot Lady Returns To Her Home

According to The Asian Age website, posted June 24, 2017, the Queen of Khajuraho, a 900 year old four foot tall exquisitely-carved sandstone sculpture depicting a scantily-clad woman immersed in conversation with her pet parrot, has been secretly transported from Delhi, India, to its original home in the Khajuraho Temple, a temple noted for its erotic statuary.

Canadian officials recovered the Parrot Lady from an antiquities collector in Toronto, who had illegally purchased the statue from an American collector. No one seems to know how the Parrot Lady got herself purloined from the Khajuraho Temple to begin with. Eventually the Parrot Lady will be displayed in new galleries planned for construction at the World Heritage Site, about 385 miles southeast of New Delhi.

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