Monday, December 5, 2016

If You Save Someone's Life, You Must Care For Them Forever

RIP Moonbeam 1995? -- 2016

When we first moved to Seattle's Ballard neighborhood in 1999 we found a starving cat in our backyard. Not right away. It took awhile because the cat only came out at night. At first. Thus we named her Moonbeam.

When we found Moonbeam she was already having litters underneath the neighbor's back deck. Once we figured that out we trapped her and took her to the vet to be spayed. Following the procedure we brought her back and released her in our backyard.

As far as we know Moonbeam only had one surviving kitten, which we captured, domesticated, and named Ketchikan. Moonbeam never had any desire, in spite of repeated opportunity, to become domesticated. Her living room was our backyard and she ate at our back porch breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Eventually she felt safe and comfortable enough to start coming out during the days. She was a small cat. She would lounge in our yard during the day, and hide by the house at night.

A free spirit, Moonbeam is sorely missed. She's off chasing parrots over the Rainbow Bridge. We can only hope she had a good life. For a cat, she had a long life. Twenty cat years after all, is like 100 in dog years!

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