Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Parrots of Damascus

This is just heartbreaking. On July 7th of this year the Oregon Humane Society (OHS) rescued 245 parrots and other exotic birds that had been confined by a bird breeder to deplorable conditions in a pole barn in Damascus, Oregon, outside of Portland:

According to Oregon Humane Society:

Many of the birds were housed in overcrowded cages filled with feces and waste that was sometimes several inches deep. Cages were often stacked three or four high, with feces and food waste overflowing from the top cages to the cages below. Many of the birds suffered from severe feather plucking and overgrown nails and beaks, while others appeared to be suffering from chronic stress.

In October, a Clackamus County grand jury indicted the breeder on multiple felony counts of criminal animal neglect. Each of the three animal neglect felony charges he faces carries a maximum jail term of five years and a fine of up to $125,000. The three felony counts include all 245 birds rescued, with each count covering multiple animals.

Subsequently the breeder released the birds to the Oregon Humane Society and the birds were transferred to an emergency facility operated by OHS.

OHS has commenced the process of adopting the parrots out. According to Oregon Humane Society:

The birds include a variety of exotic breeds, including African grey parrots, macaws, cockatoos, conures, ring neck doves, pigeons, Amazon parrots, finches and parakeets.

Anyone interested in adopting one or more of the birds, or donating to the rehoming effort by OHS, please go to the online adoption or donation pages here.

Please help.

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