Saturday, July 25, 2015

Coffee Parrot Coffee Red Tail Brand Zygodactyl Blend

Zygodactyl Blend, the Caffeinated Parrot's very first microroast blend, a full body Full City roast combining the finest Organic, Shade Grown, Fair Trade Ethiopian and Brazilian coffees, in homage to both the birthplace of coffee and the New World home of the most endangered parrots in the world including the Hyacinth macaw. We are proud to feature our Hyacinth macaw and Spokesparrot Princess Tara on our new label. And yes, Princess Tara really is a princess. Her parents are a Duke and a Duchess.
Brazil Fazenda Passeio

Fazenda is the Portuguese word for ranch or plantation. Fazenda Passeio is located in the southern part of the Brazilian State with the Middle Earth-sounding name of Minas Gerais, where an abundance of specialty coffees are grown. Headed by Rodolfo Henrique Vieira Ferreira, the estate focuses on not only the production of fine coffees, but the preservation of the surrounding environment. Situated at an elevation of about 3,500 feet, 130 hectares are devoted to the production of coffee. The Vieria Ferreira family has been producing coffee in the region for over three generations. Their aim is to improve and increase productivity with respect to the environment and the local workforce, which is a large part of the operation. There is a strong emphasis on social improvement as well. All of the local workers receive social support, such as schooling for their children, workforce training, and environmental education.

The coffee is picked by hand. This is quite rare for Brazil. The coffee is pulped the same day to avoid the possibility of fermentation. It is then dried on the patio for a few days before it is placed in the mechanical drier to finish. The coffee is rested for 45 to 60 days and then sorted to eliminate defects before it is readied for export.

Fazenda Passeio is full bodied with a mix of dark chocolate, dried fruit, and earthy flavors. Blue Tara Brazilian is a Full Body Full City Roast.

Ethiopia Yirgachefe Bunna

Bunna is the Ethiopian word for coffee. The sweet flavors and aromas of Ethiopia Yirgachefe Bunna or coffee are its strongest assets along with a medium to light body. Ethiopian Yirgachefe is very spicy and fragrant, often with a slightly chocolate or nutty quality. Subtleties include notes of citrus or tangerine (which is why Ethiopian Yirgachefe is often preferred for iced coffee). Ethiopian Yirgachefe is known for its bright and shining acidity and clean taste. An array of sensual floral notes gives Ethiopian Yirgachefe a wonderfully bright complexity in its aromatic qualities. Often Ethiopian Yirgachefe will exhibit tones of toasted coconut. Also noted are cedar sensations with a background of caramelly chocolate. Coffee connoisseurs appreciate not only the delicate orange blossom fragrance of Ethiopian Yirgachefe, but also its sweet and elegant finish that is typically very clean like the flavor. ​Ethiopian Yirgachefe is grown at elevations ranging from about 5,800 feet above sea level to 6,600 feet. Few of the world's finest coffees are grown at such high elevations as these Yirgachefes. The town of Yirgachefe is located in central southern Ethiopia in the Gedeo Zone named after the Gedeo people. The Gedeo region extends along the eastern escarpment of the highlands of Ethiopia

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Parrot Bliss: Finding the Right Spot

Bliss. Bliss is a parrot finding that perfect spot. Bliss is a parrot being his own best friend.

Our male Blue and Gold macaw parrot Aboo in bliss. For more about Aboo please visit his blog post: Our Flock: Our Guard Dog: Aboo.