Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mango the Male Miligold Parrot

Mango is a 12-year-old Miligold macaw parrot, which is a cross between a Blue and Gold and a Military macaw. Mango currently lives in Port Hadlock outside of Port Townsend, Washington. Mango is currently looking for a new home. This is Mango's story as told by Mango's Parront:

A young woman, who was a special education teacher, until she gave him to us in 2008, owned Mango. Mango had been cage bound for the first six years of his life because of his original owner's work schedule. She let him out on weekends, but her roommate was afraid of him. Mango is a very sweet little guy, normally. However, a few months ago, our Blue and Gold female decided to freak out and go after Mango. In the process, both my husband and I and the two birds received lots of bites and scratches. We had no option but to separate the two of them at that time. Until about three weeks ago, we could not let both birds out of their cages at the same time, as our Blue and Gold was too aggressive toward Mango. I have been letting Mango out of his cage while our Blue and Gold is secured in her cage, but Mango does not want to go back into his cage any longer. Until this problem occurred, we could say Mango, its bedtime. He would go into his cage, and we could shut the door. That is no longer a reality. As Mango was cage bound for the first six years of his life and has been allowed to go in and out, as he pleased since we have had him, I believe that he is angry at not having the freedom he has become accustomed to since living with us.

Mango's anger is directed at me. I have had to make two trips to the emergency room. One resulting in the loss of the nail on my left index finger and six stitches. The other resulted in 3 stitches. My husband is recovering from cancer and it has to be me to handle the parrots. We cannot risk Jim being bitten or getting an infection.

Mango is a big talker and can be very funny. He and our Blue and Gold actually have intelligent conversations, which always lead me to believe they were fully cognisant of what they were saying. Mango is very empathetic and when I am upset, he will climb up on me and attempt to hug me, or rub his face/cheek against mine. If Mango goes to the right owner, and does not have to be kept in a cage for his own safety, he will make a wonderful pet for someone. Mango has a healthy appetite, does not have high cholesterol, and sees the vet annually for his lab work and shots.

Mango has traveled with us to many locations and events. He loves people and is a real hambone. We do not allow strangers to approach him or touch him; however, because he can injure people if frightened.

Mango's diet consists of Zupreem, bird brownies that I make, using a soft food mixture of 7 or 8 legumes, wild rice, pasta, Serrano chilies, Anaheim peppers, jalapeño peppers, red peppers, Pablano peppers, and red chili peppers. I also add red, green, and yellow sweet peppers. I make a large batch of the soft food and freeze it in 3-cup batches. When I make the brownies, I use the Marie Calendar Mexican cornbread mix, 4 eggs with the shells, about 1 cup of sliced almonds, and a cup of mixed vegetables to the cornbread mix. I add about half a cup of hot sauce and enough water to make a thick batter. I will bake this for 45 minutes at 400◦ or until done. I will cut this into serving sized pieces, aboiut 2.5X2.5 inches and freeze them. Mango gets one of these each night for his dinner. I give him fruits and what veggies he will eat, he is picky some times. However, if he sees you eating something, he will want it. When we didn't have to keep the birds caged, Mango would come over to us when we were eating and help himself. He likes chicken, shrimp and fish, although we do not encourage this behavior.

Neither of us wants to give up Mango, but his aggression toward me is increasing and I believe it is because I am the one who has to always put him in his cage and not let him wander free like he used to. I do not have a separate cage for Mango. He currently uses a large travel cage when we are in the motor home, so whoever takes him will have to find a cage for him.

Finally, we have forbidden any cursing around the parrots so if someone says he curses, he did not learn it from us, and I sincerely hope that whoever takes him will continue with this restriction. He also loves his bells, which will go with him, and on occasions, the bells are extremely naughty and require a great deal of shaking.

If you are interested in adopting Mango please contact Northwest Parrots Fund.

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