Saturday, August 2, 2014

Wild Wild West Exclusive: Boeing's Dirty Little Secret

Earlier this season Wild Wild West brought you startling and never before seen photos of the lifecycle of free range wild caught Boeing 737 airliners from the rivers of Montana. We quoted State of Washington trade officials boasting of the superiority of free range airliners over their factory farmed competition. But as our intrepid reporters have discovered, there is a dirty little secret, long rumored but never proven, that Boeing and the airline industry didn't want the public to know.

The reality of free range 737s not living up to snuff

The Wild Wild West's intrepid reporters risked life and limb and attack dogs on the plains of Montana to snap this never before seen photo of free range airliners, deemed not suitable for the commercial airline industry, being crushed and canned for dog food. Indisputable evidence of heinous activity that belies the glitzy atmosphere promoted by Boeing and the commercial airline industry.

The hype pushed by Boeing and the commercial airline industry

People. Yet another reason to always read labels. Exercise care when purchasing canned dog food for your family pets. Read the ingredients. Make sure your canned dog food is free range 737 free. And let your grocery store manager know how you feel about this despicable activity.

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