Saturday, August 23, 2014

Help Houdini Escape to a New Home

Houdini is an unconfirmed female Nanday Conure parrot, currently living in Littlerock, Washington, south of the state capitol of Olympia. Her current parront has cared for her since September 2009. His former girlfriend moved to Alaska and left the parrot in his care but never returned for her. She had Houdini for two or three years, and prior to that, her son had the bird in Florida for a year or two. So Houdini is believed to be at least nine or ten years old. Houdini is friendly towards both women and men. About two years ago, Houdini plucked her feathers overnight and has kept them plucked ever since. She seems to be OK with that, but of course, to the lay observer, it appears unkempt (also in molt in the photograph). Houdini does not have a vocabulary but sometimes mumbles. She spends a considerable amount of time out of her cage. When she starts taking flight, her parront trims her feathers. Houdini is said to be a relatively quiet bird, especially by conure parrot standards.

Houdini comes with her cage and toys and is Free to the Right Home. If you are interested in adopting Houdini please contact Northwest Parrots Fund, a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity registered in the State of Washington.

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