Friday, July 4, 2014

Hatched on the Fourth of July

Happy Birthday to our beautiful girl who just turned nineteen years old on the Fourth of July. Miss Bubba Boy is a confirmed female Blue and Gold macaw parrot who we rescued from a parrot breeder when she was seven years old. Of our nine parrots, Bubba is the only one for which we know the actual hatch date.

Bubba was bound for a cold drafty breeding barn when we rescued her. Her previous owners were convinced Bubba was a boy, so they named her after one of Country and Western star Mark Chesnutt's songs popular in the mid-nineties, Bubba Shot the Jukebox.

So we take Bubba to the vet and pay $50 for a DNA test. Sure enough Bubba is a girl. And if the DNA test wasn't convincing, about a month later Bubba laid four eggs. That settled that!

Over the past twelve years Miss Bubba Boy has become a confident and self-assured girl and quickly cemented her position as the Alpha Parrot of our flock. Happy Birthday Bubba!

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