Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Visions of Sugar Plums and Parrots Danc'd in Our Heads

We don't usually remember our dreams, but we remember this one. Christmas Eve, for whatever that's worth. We have eight parrots. All live inside our home with us here in our Ballard neighborhood in North Seattle.

Our Congo African Grey Parrot Arua

Well, in our dream our Congo African Grey parrot Arua was living in her cage outside on a hillside, while all the other parrots seemingly lived indoors. The strange thing about living on a hillside was that Arua's cage was tethered to a somewhat short radio transmission tower.

Arua and Her Perfectly Fine California Cage

It gets weirder. We're at work and come home for lunch. Home must be near this hillside. We find that the radio tower had been dismantled apparently as a prelude to building a taller one. When the workers took down the tower, for some reason they also took out the wall of the cage that had been tethered to the tower. So Arua is left on a hillside in her cage with one of the cage walls missing. But being the good girl that she is, she stayed in her cage instead of flying off. That's where we found her when we came home for lunch. Last thing about the dream we remember is stepping her up to take her home to find a new cage.

That's pretty much the gist of the dream. We're probably forgetting a few details, but for the most part that's it.

So what the hell does that dream mean? We need to buy Arua a new cage? She's got a perfectly fine California Cage. She needs to go outdoors more? Strange. And what does this have to do with Christmas?

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