Thursday, September 12, 2013

Red Tail Brand: Zygodactyl Blend Coffee From

Up until now has been working with, and is still working with, a custom organic coffee roaster located in Eastern Washington's Spokane Valley to produce our 100% parrot friendly coffees. But we have always had the goal, ever since we entered the coffee biz a century ago, to roast our own coffee. We were thrilled this past summer to finally acquire our very own coffee roaster, a Behmor 1600. Our goal as a specialty micro-coffee roaster is to produce 100% parrot friendly coffee blends under our Red Tail Brand label. We are striving to produce the finest organic, shade grown, fair trade coffee blends on the market. To this end we introduce our first breakfast blend called Zygodactyl Blend, a medium body Full City roast combining the finest organic, shade grown, fair trade Ethiopian and Brazilian coffees available, in homage to both the birthplace of coffee and the New World home of the most endangered parrots in the world including the Hyacinth macaw.

Ethiopia Nigusse Lemma Limu

Broad dark chocolate flavors, clean, sweet strawberry tones. This coffee is grown in the Deru Mountains in an area of western Ethiopia called Limu. This is a full natural coffee but is especially clean, uniformly roasted and gentle. With an elevation of 1850-2000 meters this is the highest altitude farm in Limu. There are a number of varietals growing on the farm with natural springs running throughout. The farm is owned and operated by the Nigusse Lemma family which has been in the coffee business for 60 years. The farm is covered in old growth shade trees and has an abundance of natural springs. There are multiple varietals growing on the farm, but many have not been classified, typical for Ethiopia. They operate their own dry-huller and use full natural processing methods by drying the cherries on raised beds.

Brazil Fazenda Santa Ines

Very sweet, bright coffee with hints of lemon and clove. Delicate texture and layered, complex taste. Fazenda Santa Ines is located in the municipality of Carmo de Minas in southern Minas Gerais at the foot of the Mantiqueira mountains. When the farm was acquired by the Sertao Group in 1979 it was already planted in coffee. Soon thereafter work began on planting more fields, building new concrete drying patios, and installing a washer, dryer, and processing machine. The Sertao Group is highly committed to environmental conservation, witnessed by the fact that it has preserved a large area of native forest on the property and protects all the mountain springs and creeks as well as the vegetation along their banks. Because of the topography, harvesting at Fazenda Santa Ines has always been done by hand, the cherries being collected on a cloth. This precaution is taken so that the coffee will not be contaminated or lose its quality. Once they are picked, the cherries are taken to Fazenda do Sertao, another partner in the Sertao Group, where they are washed, pulped, and spread out, always with a view to obtaining a high-quality product.

You can purchase our Zygodactyl Blend and other fine coffee, tea, and parrotphernalia by visiting our online coffee shop All proceeds benefit Northwest Parrots Fund, a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity registered in the State of Washington working to save parrots, one parrot at a time.

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