Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Girl Named Pete: Seattle Lovebird Needs New Home

Pete is a confirmed female Lovebird parrot, currently residing in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood. According to Pete's parronts:

We adopted Pete from Barbi’s Birdhouse on Bainbridge Island when she was just a chick in 2000. She is named Pete because she was sexed as a male when we adopted her, however at age 4 she laid her first clutch of eggs! By then, the name Pete had already stuck and although there was a brief motion to re-name her Petra, it never really took.

She is a remarkably friendly Peach-Faced Violet hybrid and although she does nip occasionally at strangers she loves to nuzzle and ride on shoulders. She has never lived around another bird so we don’t know how she would react to them. She did live with a dog for many years (who she outlived) and they were very good friends.

She enjoys bathing in people’s hands, and responds to “up-up” to climb onto fingers and “no bite” to…well…not bite. She also loves to shred newspaper into neat little rows. 

She eats Harrison’s pellet diet with occasional GoldenFeast Australian Blend, and she has always had access to fresh fruit and vegetables. We love her very much, but we are now unable to give her the attention to which she has become accustomed due to children in the household.

Pete is Free to the Right Home, preferably as a single parrot, or in a household with other Lovebirds. If you are interested in adopting Pete, please contact Northwest Parrots Fund.

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