Sunday, July 14, 2013

Disposable Parrots, Part Two

Get tired of your parrot? Just leave him behind and move out.

Sunny is a presumed male Blue Crowned Conure parrot approximately ten years old. Sunny's caretaker reports:

I arrived home in Seattle from vacation to find that my roommate, Sunny's parront, had left town and abandoned his bird. I cannot care for the bird and need to find a foster family for this bird as soon as possible. My roommate appears to have had some kind of mental health breakdown and has not contacted me, any family, or any mutual friends since he left. He has forfeited the parrot's care. 

Sunny is friendly and has always been friendly around people. I have been living with this bird for about six months and he will step on my finger when told "step up," fly to my shoulder, and return to his cage. He is a bit lazy and doesn't fly far. He had a Green-cheeked Conure sharing his cage for many years, and the little bird plucked out his feathers. He plucks too. He has been fine around my dog and only nips or screams when frightened. He says "hi" most often. I think he knows other words but he mostly just makes noises.

Postscript: Sunny's caretaker contacted Northwest Parrots Fund, a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity in Seattle dedicated to finding homes for unwanted and homeless parrots. Northwest Parrots was able to place Sunny in a happy parrot home with a flock of parrots including another Blue Crowned Conure parrot.

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