Sunday, May 26, 2013

Parrots: All Things Zygodactyl

Introducing the ezine all about parrots, and mostly just parrots.

Parrots: All Things Zygodactyl

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 adjective \ˌzī-gə-ˈdak-təl\

Definition of ZYGODACTYL

: having the toes arranged two in front and two behind —used of a bird


International Scientific Vocabulary zyg- + Greek daktylos toe
First Known Use: 1831

Parrots: All Things Zygodactyl is all things parrots. Well okay, woodpeckers and roadrunners too. And some owls are zygodactyl as well. But mostly we just cover the world of parrots. And what a world it is.

There is more to the world of parrots than that little Budgie stuck in its cage in someone's apartment. There are heroes and villains in the world of parrots. There is drama and romance. There are ex-parrots. Parrots encompass every continent except Antarctica. Parrots make up the largest and most diverse group of avians, and parrots are the oldest of the avians. Not only did parrots live with the dinosaurs. Parrots are living dinosaurs! Join us for the adventure as we cover the world of parrots.

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