Sunday, February 17, 2013

Kablooie the Quaker Parrot

Kablooie is a presumed male Quaker parrot (Monk parakeet) of unknown age. He has lived in his current home in Renton, Washington, south of Seattle, for sixteen years. Because of changing circumstances his mom needs to find him a new home. According to his parront:

He flew onto our roof on a July 4th and nobody ever claimed him. I don't know the sex, his wings are not clipped and his name is Kablooie -- my son named him for the sounds on the Fourth of July. He prefers women, but is okay with men that speak nicely to him. He does bite. A long time ago he used to sit on my shoulder, but he started taking bites of my skin -- I think preening, so I stopped that. The first couple of years that we had him, he learned about 30 words including barking like a dog and meowing like a cat.  But over time he's lost most of those words, except Good Boy. He usually gets a treat or something that we are eating when he says that.

His cage and bird food go with him. I'm embarrassed to say the cage itself is not very clean. I don't have any place else to put him while I clean it. Kablooie has this one set of plastic chains that he has slept under for years, so he will definitely need to keep those with him.

I think he was abused by a man because of his reaction to males. Kablooie prefers females, or soft talking men. He likes to join in when we laugh. He does squawk a lot to get attention. He learned to bark like a little dog across the street. He likes to meow like our cat, purr, make a sound like a cricket, quack like a duck.

Kablooie sleeps under his plastic chain, has for almost 16 years. It’s important that he keeps this chain. He likes to take a bath in a cereal bowl with a lip. Although he's fully flighted, he's had some bad accidents when he flew, so he doesn't fly much. Kablooie likes bread, carrots, potato chips, popcorn, and nuts as treats.

Kablooie is a good bird. Just loud.

If you are interested in adopting Kablooie please contact Northwest Parrots Fund.

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