Sunday, January 27, 2013

Drama, Romance, and High Seas Adventure: Introducing the Second Season of Parrot Soup

Revenge is a dish served cold. And Captain Kid Kadra intends to make cold parrot soup out of that pirate parrot Aboo. That pirate parrot commandered his ship The Alligator in the first season of Parrot Soup. Now Captain Kadra is out for revenge in this first episode of the second season of Parrot Soup. Drama, adventure, romance, and battles at sea await the cast and crew of The Alligator!

Introducing the Stars of Parrot Soup:

Kid Kadra, as the Captain of The Alligator

First Mate, Roxanne

The Pirate Parrot Aboo

In case you missed any episodes from the first season, we include the complete first season of Parrot Soup to view at your convenience:

We'd love to know what you think of the series. If you have any suggestions for plot lines pass them along as well. These animated cartoons may look simple, but writing good dialogue is hard work! If you don't think so, just try it some time.