Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Diva Parrots, Blue Tara, and Happy Places

100% Parrot Friendly Coffee from TheParrotCafe.com. All proceeds support the work of Northwest Parrots Fund (NorthwestParrots.org), a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity registered in the State of Washington, saving parrots one parrot at a time!

Organic Fair Trade Kosher Certified

Diva Parrot Happy Place Blend is a full-bodied dark roast blend comprised of the highest quality Organic Fair Trade Kosher Certified coffees South America has to offer. All the beans are 100% Arabica, and each varietal was roasted separately to it's own unique flavor profile prior to blending. This blend brews up beautifully as espresso, French Press, or drip coffee. It is a mouth-filling coffee with hints of smoky chocolate. So when things seem out of control just take a deep breath, pray, chant, and brew up some of this Diva Parrot Happy Place Blend, and you too can slip away to your Happy Place!

Organic Shade Grown Fair Trade

In our humble opinion Blue Tara Morning Dew Blend may be the finest breakfast blend on the market! Blue Tara Morning Dew Blend is comprised of the finest Organic, Shade Grown, Fair Trade 100% Arabica coffees Sumatra and Central America have to offer. The Sumatran coffee is Grade 1 and was grown on small 3-5 acre farms in the Gayo Mountain region. Grown in volcanic soils and minimally processed, this Sumatra is a full-bodied, earthy coffee. The Central American coffees are Strictly Hard Bean (SHB), meaning they were grown at high elevations, in this case over 4500 ft. They are shade grown coffees that ripen slowly yielding a dense bean structure, firm acidity, and intense floral aromas. Blue Tara Morning Dew Blend is a blend of dark and medium roasted coffees, each varietal roasted separately to its own unique flavor profile prior to blending. This coffee is extremely full-bodied. On the palate it has floral notes with hints of nuts and chocolate.

To find these find coffees, teas, coffee essentials, and parrotphernalia, please visit TheParrotCafe.com.

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