Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Rogue's Gallery: Parrot Portraits

Princess Tara, Hyacinth Macaw, The Zen Parrot
Princess Tara really is a princess! Her parents are a Duke and a Duchess.

Recently we were contacted by an up and coming Seattle photographer, Ally Davis, of Allyson Photography, who asked to photograph our parrots to help build her pet photography portfolio. We were thrilled. Our current photographic capabilities are limited to the 8 megapixel camera in our Droid Razr smartphone, or capturing stills off our Flip video recorder. Not the best equipment for creating photographs of our parrots suitable for web work.

Roxanne, Greenwing Macaw, Diva Parrot
Roxanne is named for the song, and the name fits her perfectly!
Roxanne is our first parrot and does not believe she is a parrot. She believes she's a 5 year old girl.

A Seattle native, Ally Davis has an eye for detail honed by her background in the merchant marine and a passion for nature photography fueled by her work for Lindblad Expeditions following graduation from the Merchant Marine Academy. Her photographs clearly capture the individual personalities of our parrots.

Bubba Boy, Blue and Gold Macaw, Alpha Parrot
Bubba Boy is actually a girl. She rules over the flock. Of all the parrots Bubba Boy is most proud of her spectacular wings, which she'll show off to anyone interested.
Most appropriate her portrait showcases her wings!

Kid Kadra, Goffin's Cockatoo, Acrobat of Acrobats
Kid Kadra can fly circles around the other parrots, and he knows it!
He loves harassing the other parrots when they're not expecting it.

Arua, Congo African Grey, Intellect
Arua is our most prolific talker and sound maker.

Mr. Cracker, Ruby Macaw (Greenwing / Scarlet Mix)
Mr. Cracker may very well be a wild caught macaw, believed to be about 45 years old.

Tillie, Timneh African Grey
Our smallest parrot, and a real cutie! Between the two of them, Arua and Tillie have an incredible repertoire of sound effects!

Chromo, Blue and Gold Macaw
Chromo is our current foster parrot, temporarily between homes.

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