Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Requiem for Parrot BBF A 7593

We called him Leschi, for the Seattle neighborhood where he was found. All we know about him is printed on his red leg band: BBF A 7593.

This Budgie parrot was found on a parking lot near the Leschi Market on Lake Washington, July 2, 2012. The woman who found him thought he might be a parakeet, but had no idea what to do with him. She went to a local pet shop, which found us on an Internet search. She phoned us, saying she had no idea what to do with the bird if we didn't take him in. So we gave her our address, and about an hour later she showed up with the parrot.

We did an Internet search for the leg band number. We checked Seattle Craigslist. And 911ParrotAlert. To no avail. When he came in to the house, we transferred the parrot into an appropriate cage with food and water. The little tyke tried to eat a little. But all he really wanted to do was fluff himself up, close his eyes, and sleep. We assumed he was just really really tired. No telling how long he had been out on the loose. Sadly, he never woke up. He expired about an hour later.

At least he didn't die out in the parking lot, run over by a car, or attacked by crows. No parrot deserves this. Companion parrots depend upon people for survival. He was someone's companion parrot. There is no flock of feral Budgies in Seattle that he could have joined. He either escaped, or (as sometimes happens) was discarded and let loose by someone that tired of him. Summer is finally coming to Seattle, slowly but surely, and parrot people get careless with doors and windows. Or people are just stupid! So sad. RIP, Leschi. You deserved better.

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