Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Iced Coffee and Kahlua

The cinnamon roll is for our Sweet Sixteen Blue and Gold Macaw Miss Bubba Boy:
Born on the Fourth of July!

We love coffee, winter or summer! In summer, we prefer iced coffee. With years of experience, we think we've perfected iced coffee. We offer our Seattle Method Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee here.

For iced coffee with a kick, a refreshing accompaniment to your summer grilling adventures, nothing is more simple than Iced Coffee and Kahlua. Start with a good coffee, poured over ice. Add your favorite Kahlua. Ours is a nice smooth three year old homemade Kahlua (that's another blog post entirely). Top off with cream or milk. Add sugar or not. Enjoy! Bet you can't drink just one.

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