Friday, July 6, 2012

Easy No Fuss No Mess Parrot Corn on the Cobb

Our parrots love corn. We're betting your parrots do as well. Are you tired of raking corn husks off of the kitchen floor when you're done shucking the corn cobs. We know we are. So we were thrilled to discover an easy no fuss no mess microwave method for preparing the corn. And did we say the best part was: No Mess!

Start with your basic ear of corn:

Place unadulterated ear of corn in the microwave.
Heat on High for three (3) minutes.

WARNING: The ear of corn is going to be HOT when it comes out of the microwave!
Hold the ear of corn with an oven mitt or pad.
CAREFULLY! With a very sharp knife slice through the ear of corn just above the butt of the ear.
Try to keep your fingers intact!

Now here's the magical part:  Grasp the opposite end of the ear of corn. Remember: It's still hot! Peel the husk back. It should peel off intact, husk and silk together. Talk about magic!

Voila! No mess.

Slice and Serve.
Bon Appetit!

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