Sunday, May 6, 2012

What Do a Singing Cowboy and a Singing Parrot Have in Common?

What do a singing cowboy and a singing parrot have in common? Why, music of course. Our Diva parrot and Greenwing macaw Roxanne supervises our weekend ritual of doing the laundry. Supervising the laundry gets Roxanne very animated. When Roxanne gets animated, she frequently starts singing. Roxanne knows two songs: Gene Autry's You Are My Sunshine. And, of course, Roxanne, by The Police. We are always delighted to hear Roxanne sing You Are My Sunshine. When she started singing the song this weekend we began reminiscing about earlier days listening to the same song.

Those of us who grew up watching the Autry/Rogers Ranch on the black and white television sets of our youth following school each and every day of the week have a special fondness for the late great singing cowboy Gene Autry. Roy Rogers too, but unfortunately Roxanne doesn't sing any Roy Rogers songs. So what a treat when we discovered that she actually knew how to sing one of Gene Autry's signature songs: You Are My Sunshine!

The Late Great Gene Autry

Our Diva Parrot and Greenwing Macaw Roxanne

So we paired Roxanne with Gene Autry for a little duet. You Are My Sunshine. Lyrics by Jimmie Davis. Music by Gene Autry, 1940.

Roxanne Sings Two Songs, Including Gene Autry's You Are My Sunshine

The_Zen_Parrot The Gene Autry Museum in LA loved our video of our Diva parrot Roxanne singing a duet with the late great Gene Autry

We were astounded when the Gene Autry Museum in Los Angeles, The Autry, contacted us to tell us they loved the video! With his love of music and animals, we think Gene Autry would have approved as well.

Original 1940 Recording

The other song Roxanne knows is the song she's named for, The Police

Surprisingly, we're still waiting to hear from Sting if he likes Roxanne's version of his song.

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