Saturday, March 31, 2012

Parrots Are Loud

People get parrots for all the wrong reasons. People dump parrots on rescues and sanctuaries for a couple of simple reasons: Lack of Time. Noise. People don't appreciate that parrots evolved to be able to communicate through miles of rain forest. The walls of a house are hardly able to contain the decibel levels that parrots can produce.

Macaw parrots can typically vocalize above 100 decibels, as demonstrated by our Blue and Gold macaws, Miss Bubba Boy and Big Boy Aboo. Moluccan Cockatoo parrots can produce noise up to 135 decibels. For perspective, keep in mind that the typical jet engine operates at roughly 140 decibels! If you want a parrot you will have to deal with noise. Your neighbors will have to deal with the noise as well. Today. Tomorrow. The day after. Day after day after day. Still want a parrot? Don't say you weren't warned.

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