Sunday, January 29, 2012

Feeding Parrots: Parrot Casserole

Don't your parrots get tired of eating the same ole mash or chop day in and day out? Ours sure would. We feed our parrots real food. Every weekend we prepare a parrot casserole to feed our flock of parrots for the following week. Easy to make. Little cooking required. We use organic ingredients as much as possible.

We vary the ingredients from week to week, depending on what we have on hand in the kitchen, but the basic ingredients are pretty much the same:

Pasta. The parrots love rigatone for ease of handling, as our spokesparrot Tillie demonstrates below. Pasta shells are also easy to handle. Rarely, but on occasion, do we use spaghetti.

Beans. Kidney, Garbanzo, Soybeans, are the most popular with our parrots.

Sweet Apples. Cameo and Golden Delicious are the most popular with our flock. They are not to keen on tart apples. Our parrots also love bananas, but bananas don't keep as well as apples.

Corn. Corn on the cob in season.

Baby Carrots. A couple of our parrots love baby carrots as treats.

The coffee is for the cook.

Our Timneh African Grey parrot Tillie is our kitchen assistant and spokesparrot.

Rigatone is just the right size for small parrot feet!

Bon Appetit!


Marie said...

Thanks for the inspiration, I need to get my boys eating better. Do you cook the pasta or is it left raw?

Michael Ostrogorsky said...

Our parrots won't eat the pasta raw, so we cook it thoroughly.