Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cage World and Commercial Parrot Abuse

Would you like to know how not to treat a parrot? Debbie from Mesa, Arizona's Cage World will show you, if you can bear to watch. Fair Warning: This video contains disturbing images, made even more disturbing because Cage World clearly believes these are appropriate methods to handle your parrots!

This archaic and outdated training methodology is known in the dog training world as Positive Punishment. In the parrot training world, we just call it Animal Abuse! Common decades ago, these training techniques are still employed by so-called parrot trainers from to Debbie here at Cage World. Every parrot person who believes in Positive Reinforcement should read respected parrot trainer Sid Price's scathing critique of BirdTricks and Positive Punishment.

Cage World is located at 2110 W. Southern # F, Mesa AZ 85202.

If you would like to share your displeasure of Cage World's outdated parrot training techniques, here is their phone number: 480-833-4001. Cage World's email address is: Cage World can also be found on Facebook.

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