Friday, November 25, 2011

There is No Such Thing as a Quiet Parrot!

Think you want a parrot? Think you want to buy someone a parrot as a gift? Think again! How would you like to have a rock concert in your house? Might be fun for a special occasion like a birthday. Maybe again for a special holiday. How about today? How about tomorrow? How about the day after that? How about every day? Day after day? A macaw parrot can produce as many decibels as a rock concert!

Still think you want a parrot? Our macaws are louder than your kids! You will have to deal with the noise. Your neighbors will have to deal with the noise as well! Macaws evolved to communicate with each other through miles of rain forest. The walls of your house will not contain the decibel output parrots can produce.

A customary way to compare the intensity of sounds is with a Decibel Comparison Chart. The intensity of sounds is measured in decibels. As a baseline, normal conversational speech typically produces about 60 decibels. A motorcycle produces around 100 decibels. A power saw produces 110 decibels. A rock concert produces up to 115 decibels

 A macaw parrot can produce over 110 decibels!

A pneumatic riveter produces 125 decibels, the level at which ear pain occurs. A jet engine produces 140 decibels. Permanent hearing loss occurs at 180 decibels.

A Moluccan cockatoo can vocalize at 135 decibels! Almost as loud as a jet engine!
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There is No Such Thing as a Quiet Parrot!

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