Monday, October 10, 2011

Parrot Soup: Pirates, Parrots, Pirate Parrots, and Pandemonium!

Parrot Soup

Captain Kid Kadra, Commander of The Alligator

We are pleased to present the Season Finale of Parrot Soup: Episode 5, The Alligator:

Duels and drama on the High Seas in the Season Finale of Parrot Soup. The Pirate Parrot Aboo and his mutinous crew seized the pirate ship The Alligator and attempted to strand Captain Kid Kadra along with his First Mate Roxanne on the desert island while spiriting the pirate's treasure on board the ship. Captain Kadra and Roxanne intercepted the mutineers on the desert island and returned to The Alligator to reclaim the ship and put down the mutiny.

Episode 5: The Alligator

Will the Pirate Parrot Aboo become parrot soup? Will Roxanne force Second Mate Sammy to walk the plank? Will Kid Kadra sail the High Seas again as captain of The Alligator striking fear in the merchantmen of the world? No one knows.

Stay Tuned!

The Pirate Parrot Aboo

First Mate Roxanne

If you missed the previous episodes of this premiere season of our animated series Parrot Soup,
we are pleased to present them here:

Episode 4: Pandemonium

Episode 3: Treasure Hunt

Episode 2: The Pirate Parrot

And the Pilot Episode: Parrot Soup: Episode One: Lost


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