Friday, October 7, 2011

Parrot Soup: A Pandemonium of Parrots and Pirates

Deadly drama and swashbuckling adventure on the High Seas. Kid Kadra, captain of the pirate ship The Alligator and his Bosun Bubba both find the pirate treasure on the desert island, enough treasure for a king's ransom! Will Captain Kadra get back on board his ship with the treasure? Will Bosun Bubba become shark bait? Will the Pirate Parrot Aboo become the new captain of The Alligator? Stay tuned!

We love the word Pandemonium! One of our favorite words. Just as a flock of crows is called a Murder of crows, a flock of parrots has been called a Pandemonium of parrots. Anyone with a flock of parrots in their home understands just how appropriate this term is.

The term Pandemonium, first used in 1667, comes from John Milton's Paradise Lost, published in 1667. Pandemonium was the capital of Milton's Hell. Anyone living with a flock of parrots as we do sometimes feels they are trapped in the very bowels of Hell itself!

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