Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Wild Parrots of Seattle: Update

A parrot friend of ours who gardens at the Ballard P-Patch just off NW 85th Street and 25th Avenue NW in North Seattle, was tending his garden Friday, September 16th, as were several other people in the garden, when a pair of Mitred Conure parrots flew up to feed for a short time in the garden, then flew over to some nearby apple trees to feed, before taking off again. Our friend and every one else in the P-Patch got a really good look at them. The Conures announced themselves with their incessant squawking. These would be the Golden Gardens Conures that people have been telling us about for years. In our eleven years here in Ballard we have not yet been lucky enough to see them. Apparently they roost at the top of Golden Gardens Park somewhere near NW 85th Street and 32nd Avenue NW.

A pair of Mitred Conure parrots photographed in Golden Gardens Park, January10 2010,
published by the local Ballard News-Tribune.

Better known are the Mitred Conure parrots of Seward Park. A member of the Northwest Exotic Bird Society, Karyn Jensen, reported:

If you go out to Seward Park to see the Mitreds, they usually hang out at the Point-- you cannot drive to this spot. You have to walk around the loop path to spot them. I live about a mile from Seward Park and occasionally see them (actually, I HEAR them in advance of seeing them) when I'm in my backyard..There are at least thirteen individuals, if not more. When they fly over, my Conures make a racket--that's what alerts me most of the time! They usually start migrating to the Maple Leaf neighborhood just about this time of the year (when it starts getting cold at night) and then back to Seward Park when it warms up in the Spring. I have also seen a couple of other parrot species at Seward Park as well (other types of Conure parrots and an Amazon)!

To see our original blog post about the Wild Parrots of Seattle, click here. For a story and several photos about the Seward Park Conure parrots in the Columbia Citizens neighborhood blog, click here.

Three Mitred Conure parrots photographed feeding on a Hawthorne tree in Shoreline, September 15, 2008.

To see a photo of one of the Seward Park Mitred Conures taken May 19, 2009, click here.

Anyone with further information and photos of the Wild Parrots of Seattle, please contact us.

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