Sunday, September 25, 2011

Parrot Soup: Episode 3, Treasure Hunt

Bosun Bubba and Second Mate Sammy have been dispatched to the desert island by the Pirate Parrot Aboo to find the buried treasure before Captain Kid Kadra and First Mate Roxanne can find it. They've found the cursed cave where the treasure was buried. If they find the treasure they'll have to deal with Captain Kadra and Roxanne. If they don't find the treasure, they'll have to deal with the Pirate Parrot Aboo. Which of them will face the dangers lurking in the cursed cave? Will they find their fortune? Or meet their cruel fate? Stay tuned!

Parrot Soup: Episode 3: Treasure Hunt

The Pirate Parrot Aboo

And in case you missed the first two episodes of Parrot Soup:

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Will Second Mate Sammy wrest the Number One spot from Roxanne? Will Bosun Bubba find his fortune? Or will he meet his cruel fate? Will Captain Kid Kadra quell the mutiny and regain control of his ship, The Alligator? Will Roxanne find true love?

Stay Tuned!

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