Sunday, August 7, 2011

Requiem for a Shop Vac

Parrot people can appreciate this. Sometimes it seems we spend half our days on our knees cleaning parrot poop off the floor. With eight parrots, including five macaws, this can seem to be an unending and thankless task!

We discovered Shop Vacs about a century ago (they were actually first created about 1970) and we can't imagine life without one. Tragically, our Shop Vac croaked this weekend.

Since we have to work during the week to support our parrots and our parrot nonprofit Northwest Parrots Fund, we accomplish most of our serious cage and floor cleaning on weekends. With our Shop Vac down and out, we faced our cleaning chores this weekend armed only with our trusty little Dirt Devil:

Sadly, this little Dirt Devil just doesn't have the power or capacity of our old Shop Vac! We are in a real bind until we can acquire another Shop Vac.

If anyone in the Seattle area has a spare Shop Vac to donate to a good cause, please message us. Anyone with funds to donate towards the purchase of a new Shop Vac, please click on the Support Our Blog button on the sidebar on the left side of this blog.

We and our parrots thank you very much!

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