Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Parrot Tattoo Boogaloo

The Famous Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

Parrots Rock! We have a bunch of them. We don't mind parrot beaks. We're used to them. But we've never in our life had a tattoo. Fear of needles and other sharp implements. But to celebrate our sixtieth birthday in September, we've decided to get tattooed. With parrots. Of course. But not just a single parrot. A whole pandemonium of parrots!

We've been searching far and wide for the tattoo we like enough to actually sit and let a total stranger apply sharp implements to our skin. And where else but San Francisco's renowned North Beach tattoo emporium, the Tattoo Boogaloo! One of their artists, Deanna Wardin, created a tattoo inspired by the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hillthe Cherry-headed or Mitred Conures of San Francisco:

Artist: Deanna Wardin

We just love this tattoo! And fittingly, the same species of feral parrot, the Mitred Conures, can be found here in Seattle, in at least two different locations.

Mitred Conures Photographed in Seattle's Golden Gardens Park

Support your local invasive species!

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