Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Animal Trafficking in Mexico, Around the World, Endangers Parrots and Other Animals

Here is something to consider the next time someone says that parrot and wildlife smuggling is a thing of the past:

The Defenders of Wildlife in Mexico said, “It is estimated that between 65,000 to 78,000 parrots are caught illegally every year and from them, 77 percent die before they arrive in to the hands of a buyer. The mistreatment these animals suffer explains the high mortality rate.”

Animal Trafficking in Mexico, Around the World, Endangers Animals - Hispanically Speaking News

Sadly, we will see the extinction of many wild parrot populations within our lifetimes!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Parrot Cafe on

Anyone involved with nonprofit charities is well aware of the difficulty in raising funds in the current economic climate. We face the same difficulties with our 501(c)3 nonprofit charity Northwest Parrots Fund. Northwest Parrots Fund is a 100% volunteer driven effort. We are always looking for new sources of income and new ways to raise money.

Our most successful method so far has been to sell things, like coffee and feathers. Then we stumbled upon the micro-retailing site A micro-retailer like Zazzle allows us to open a store on their website and sell stuff that we like and endorse, and in turn receive a percentage of the proceeds of every sale.

Before we started we checked out the quality of the merchandise that Zazzle offers as well as the service and speed of order fulfillment. To say the least, we are impressed!

Please check out The Parrot Cafe on Zazzle and support Northwest Parrots Fund, saving parrots, one parrot at a time!