Sunday, February 6, 2011

Parrot Cafe: Purveyor of Organic Coffee, Tea, and Rare Books

The Parrot Cafe is located in the Coffee Capital of the World, Seattle, Washington. We are proud to live in a city which not only is the center of coffee culture but also boasts the largest number of independent bookstores per capita, as well as the highest book readership per capita of any city in the United States! Here at the Parrot Cafe, we combine our love of exquisite organic coffee and tea with rare books and collectibles. To this endeavor we bring a background including two graduate degrees in history and archaeology and a career in academia and publishing, as well as retail experience in the Seattle coffee business. We first worked for Starbucks Coffee, and later operated the Parrot Cafe in North Seattle from 2003 to 2006. We have resurrected the Parrot Cafe here on the Internet!

Our Hyacinth Macaw Princess Tara at the Original Parrot Cafe

Our goal is to provide the finest organic coffee and tea available on the marketplace, as well as an eclectic selection of rare books, documents, and collectibles.

Our Greenwing Macaw & Diva Parrot Roxanne

Additionally, our spokesparrot Roxanne can probably find you any particular coffee, tea, or books you might be interested in. Or answer any questions you might have about coffee, books, or parrots. Just ask her. You can contact Roxanne by email at:

And the name Parrot Cafe? We live with a flock currently numbering eight parrots, including several rescued parrots. We also operate a nonprofit charity, Northwest Parrots Fund, that rescues and finds new homes for parrots whose owners can no longer care for them. You can see our parrots on YouTube by searching for The Zen Parrot.

Proceeds from the Parrot Cafe support Northwest Parrots Fund.

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