Saturday, January 1, 2011

Northwest Parrots Fund


Many worthwhile organizations such as The World Parrot Trust are working to save entire species of parrots, as well as the ecosystems those wild parrots depend upon. In our small corner of the world here in Seattle, Washington, we focus instead on saving parrots, one parrot at a time! To this end we have created a nonprofit charity registered by the State of Washington and recognized as a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity under the regulations of the Internal Revenue Service, Northwest Parrots Fund. Simply put, our goal is to keep pet parrots in their homes if possible. If not possible, then we will work to find good new homes for parrots needing to be rehomed. In case of emergency, we are establishing a foster home network so parrots that are lost, abandoned, or surrendered have at least a temporary home until a permanent home is available.

Our mission will also include raising funds to assist parrot rescues and sanctuaries throughout the Pacific Northwest. Parrot rescues and sanctuaries across the country are in dire financial straits just as most every other nonprofit and charity.

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