Saturday, July 24, 2010

Feeding Parrots The Twelve Dirtiest Fruits and Vegetables Which Should Only Be Purchased Organic

With farmers markets and produce stands overflowing with fresh fruit and vegetables here at the peak of summer, the temptation exists to grab the brightest and freshest fruits and vegetables to bring home to feed your parrots. But are all fruits and vegetables equally safe to feed to your parrots? Fortunately for parrot people and others, the Environmental Working Group produces a list of the twelve dirtiest fruits and vegetables to watch out for, fruits and vegetables that are most heavily impacted with pesticides and other contaminants. These are fruits and vegetables that should only be purchased organic, or simply avoided:

Along with the list of the twelve dirtiest fruits and vegetables, the Environmental Working Group also provides a list of the fifteen cleanest fruits and vegetables, that are safe to consume even if not organic.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Feeding Parrots

What goes better with a movie than popcorn?
Especially if you're watching Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill!

We are pleased to introduce our latest YouTube video series, Feeding Parrots. Parrot owners know that parrots can be finicky eaters. Are you wondering what to feed your parrots for dinner? Some parrots have a choice between Mash and More Mash! Are your parrots literally fed up with Mash? Feed them some real food! Here's a tasty recipe for spicy Mexican rice and black bean burritos with peanut butter sauce. The best part is: There's absolutely no cooking and minimal preparation required! And the burritos are so tasty you can finish off any leftovers yourself! Presented in High Definition, Cooking for Parrots:

To eliminate the need to search YouTube for our other Feeding Parrots videos, we are pleased to append them here. Here's an idea for an easy to fix and nutritious parrot meal. Presented in High Definition, Feeding Parrots: Sunday Dinner:

And how about a meal suggestion for a weekend parrot treat? Here's our original Feeding Parrots video, Feeding Parrots: Sunday Brunch:

Bon Appetit!