Monday, May 10, 2010

Yet Another Talented Parrot

We are familiar with literate African grey parrots and macaws that can talk up a storm, or even carry a tune, such as our own Greenwing macaw and Diva parrot Roxanne. There are many fine videos on YouTube featuring talking African greys and dancing Cockatoos. But few of them can hold a candle to a recent vocal discovery.

A longtime friend of ours is the proud parront of a male Eclectus parrot named Sam I Am (or Sammy for short). So we've known Sammy for years. Recently, Sammy's parront had to undergo hip replacement surgery, so we ended up taking Sammy into our flock for a nearly six week stay. We knew Sammy could talk. We were astounded to discover Sammy's musical talent. Apparently Sammy likes to listen to jazz music, and is particularly fond of horns.

It is a singular thrill to discover an unparalleled singing sensation. All the more sensational when that talent is a parrot! It is with great pleasure that we present Sam I Am's YouTube debut:

We are additionally happy that Sam I Am's YouTube debut is also our latest YouTube video to reach 1,000 views! American Idol here we come.

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Bryan said...

Sammy is really sweet. Wish a speedy recovery to Sammy's parront.

In fact, eclectus is one of the talented mimickers just like African Greys and Amazon. I had a friend who had a male electus that can imitate the sound effects of a computer games. It sounded so real just like out from the desktop speakers. He's really smart.

I have a Black Capped Conure, Kacy, although she doesn't talk like Sammy, but she has her own talent in another way.

Anyway do check out more adventures of Kacy on my parrot blog at

Have a good day!