Saturday, August 1, 2009

Training Your Parrot: Handling Macaw Beaks

Macaw parrot beaks can be scary and intimidating to the uninitiated parrot owner! And they should be! Macaw beaks can generate anywhere from 200psi to 300psi of pressure depending upon the species of macaw parrot. We at The Zen Parrot have produced a new Training Your Parrot YouTube video: Handling Macaw Beaks. With this introduction to the Parrot Wranglers Academy, you too can become a certified Parrot Wrangler and safely handle macaw parrot beaks with the best of us! Just remember, don't try this at home unless and until you become a professionally trained Parrot Wrangler like we are!

Currently the Parrot Wranglers Academy offers an online specialization in Macaw Management. In the very near future, the Parrot Wranglers Academy also plans to offer online tracks in Cockatoo Coralling and African Grey Linguistics. But wait! There's more. With graduation from the Parrot Wranglers Academy, you are automatically enrolled in the International Parrot Wranglers Association. Stay tuned for more information.

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