Saturday, August 8, 2009

Republican Stupid Watch

The Zen Parrot is pleased to announce a new feature: Republican Stupid Watch. Republican stupidity knows few bounds, so it's hard to know where to begin! Sarah Palin is enough to give any thinking person a headache. But with Republican Stupid Watch we can at least monitor the highlights (or lowlights) of Republican Stupidity! Bring your own aspirin!

We are dumbfounded that there can actually be a Republican Jackass more stupid than Sarah Palin. No surprise that this particular Republican Jackass comes from South Carolina, which sports a philandering Republican Jackass at its head:

Clearly General Sherman didn't do enough!

I Don't Want Our Schools Turned Over To Some Socialist Movement!

Our head is simply going to explode trying to figure out if Republicans (especially Texas Republicans) can become Any More FUCKING STUPID Than They Already Are???

Exactly how STUPID does someone have to be not to want the President of these United States telling kids to behave in school?

Wondering just how brain dead and stupid conservatives are? Well, this video from the Las Vegas Town Hall should give you a clear picture! Conservatives endorse Hitler over healthcare! Bring your own aspirin.

When Republican Stupid reaches its inevitable and violent conclusion, surely the Morons and Dickheads Rush and Glen and Ann and Monica will blame President Obama for the sad state of affairs!

Republicans demonstrate once and for all that the Party of No has ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING INTEREST in saving taxpayers dollars, reducing health care costs, or reforming any fucking thing:

It may not come as a surprise that Republican senators like Chuck Grassley are Total Fucking Morons! But you'd think at least one of their staff members would have half a brain to keep them in line!

Sarah Palin is Totally Fucking Out of Her Mind!

More Republican Stupid. First we had the Birthers. Now we have the Deathers, who are convinced that the government wants to kill your grandma: Rachel Maddow on Obama versus the Deathers.

Nearly one out of every two (47 percent) Republicans are certified Flat Earthers, believing, according to the latest Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll that the American and African continents were never joined at the hip:

The New Republican Motto: Don't Confuse Us With the Facts!

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Jenna said...

Well said!

Things have only gotten worse and worse since this blog post. It's truly sickening and their behavior is far far from "christ-like". If Jesus were to be real, there's not a chance he'd associate with the GOP.

Sorry... I just got off topic. It happens a lot when I think about these assholes.