Saturday, January 24, 2009

Off With Their Heads: Deck of 54 War Criminal Playing Cards: The Queen of Spades: Dick (Darth) Cheney

Now that the celebrations are over and the Obama era has been launched, it's time to turn to the hard work of investigating and prosecuting the assholes and war criminals who got us into this mess in the first place! I'm proposing the Deck of 54 Project: War Criminal Playing Cards, to help organize and keep track of the major co-conspirators and war criminals. Of course I know that a deck of cards has 52 cards. I'm including two Jokers, Karl Rove, and a second Joker yet to be named.

I'm going to start by proposing a few of the major co-conspirators and war criminals. Each will get their own card. No doubt George Dubya will be the Ace of Spades. But I'm open to suggestion for the remaining 51 cards. If you have names to suggest here's your chance. Better yet, in you have artwork please pass it along.

No one deserves the inaugural (pun intended) card better than Darth Cheney. No one has done more to subvert the Constitution of the United States, the civil rights of Americans, and the American Way of Life than Darth Cheney! No one's actions entail High Crimes and Misdemeanors more than the actions of Darth Cheney! No one is more deserving of being locked up in a Super Max Federal Slammer for the remainder of their miserable life than this asshole!

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