Saturday, December 6, 2008

Religion Makes People Stupid!

Over ONE-HALF MILLION jobs were lost during the month of November alone, and so what are we getting our undies in a bunch about now? Why, an atheist sign posted at the Washington State Capitol Building by the Freedom From Religion Foundation!

Personally I believe that Christmas has come to epitomize the pagan holiday of yore that it replaced. I mean, just look at the Victoria Secret Christmas commercials on television, for chrissakes! Not to mention the Walmart employee trampled to death for the sake of a few cheap trinkets! Any semblance of Christian spirituality with the holiday has long been lost.

Personally I believe with Mark Twain as expressed in his infamous Letters From the Earth, that he would not worship any god despicable enough to allow the violence and brutality common to the world, nor any god powerless to stop the same!

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